Hindu defense : Protecting the country.

Army of Hindus : Hindu Defense Army

Dear Hindus, Hari remembers!
With the determination of protecting Hindus among all of you, the Hindu Defense Force is growing at a very fast pace in the country as its power of Hindus. Demand for the organization from the entire country is increasing. In addition to this, it is natural for some people to be aware of "why the organization of Hindu Defense Force"?

The power of Pakistan and Bangla country went to the hands of Muslims and by giving slogan to the power of India and the so-called secular leader, and changing the name of Muslims from Muslim, the weak Hindu leaders went to the hands of the then Muslim leaders, by greed of power, and by becoming the so-called secular leader Standing up All these leaders gave a big slogan against the Hindus by giving a slogan to Sikular.

How Hindus should be humiliated, be eliminated. Hindus' minds should be attacked on points . The gang of so-called secular leaders occupied the majority of the time since 1947, insulted the Hindus under the conspiracy against the Hindus, tortured, and engaged in the conspiracy to end the Hindus. India is the only Hindu nation in the world, where Hindus are the most persecuted. And only the Hindus and the so-called secular leaders are taught the good, equitable, tolerant. And in the form of a criminal, Hindus are erected in the courtroom. These so-called secular leaders repeatedly under the scheme, which Hindus, who deceived, deceived, obtained votes by confusing and kept power, and repeatedly humiliated Hindus, harassed them, betrayed them.

If the boundaries of tolerance of Hindus have passed, the self-respect of Hindus has been awakened for nearly twenty-five years and when Hindus began to take on the awakening of awakening, then many people in the country started the rise of Hindu leaders and the participation of Hindus started in power. Many Hindus came out in the form of Hindu leaders, so many Hindus came out in the form of strong Hindus, and the result of the so-called SACULAR leaders also came in the form of a government of Hindu leaders in India in 2014, Leaders also participated in Hindu Mukhota. Politics and politicians remain under the influence and influence of Hindu organizations for their Hindu interests.As a result of this contemplation, a Virat Sangeet Samaj and Hindu Convention of Hindu Hindus, one of the prominent Hindu organizations and Hindus of Uttar Pradesh, was organized in two states, Baisak Shukla, Akshaya Tritiya Samvat 2074 (29th April, 2017 days Saturdays), in which all the proposals Hindu Defense Force was announced by passing .

All the attendance saints and Hindus declared the Panthic Mahamandaleshwar Swami Prabhodanand Giri as the national president of the Hindu Defense Force with all the consent. He gave all the responsibilities of the organization to the organization expansion, formation, registration etc. Simi expressed confidence. Under the leadership of Pujya Swamiji, the Hindu Defense Force will become a huge tree and will increase the respect of the Hindus.Pujya Swamiji also assured that you will work with full commitment to fulfill the trust of all of you and will work for the Hindus only for life, only for the Hindus, for the Hindus and for re-birth. Only then the Pujya Swamiji is engaged in the expansion of the Hindu Defense Force, continuously migrating across the country as a sadhana.As a result, with the blessings of Shri Hanuman ji Maharaj, the Hindu defense army emerging as a huge power is moving forward with the affection and cooperation of all of you.

BJP formed the government of Gatwancha got the strength to respect the self-esteem of Hindus. All Hindus in the world were awakened to the safety of their security, the hope of protection of the values ​​of Hindus was awakened, but after three and a half years of the Government of India, the so-called Hinduist government also protected Hindus, the protection and respect of Hindu points There is no proper functioning of the Hindu Wadi leader because of the pressure of the so-called secularist leaders. Hindus have a habit of sleeping through taking egotism and taking advantage of their illegitimate benefits, they humiliate Hindus.

The intellectuals of India found that in the order of diluting the problems of Hindus, there was a constant awakening of the Hindus, for this the Hindu power of non-political influence and pressure stood firm. In this sequence, I try to awaken the Hindus, I work in some institutions. He could not succeed in getting the decisive work done in the interest of the Hindus, because of the pressure and influence of the politicians on the subject. The Hindu vote bank has emerged but the absence of working in the Hindu interest is visible far and wide. In such a heinous situation, the organization, which works for the benefit of the Hindus, is a challenge, the courage to accept this fierce challenge appeared in the heart of a monk warrior devoted to the entire life of Hindus. So, after the conclusion of the talks with the Saints for many years, the Hindu intellectuals of the country, the main intellectuals, should be the only organization working for the cause of Hindu interest, which does not come under the pressure and influence of politicians and politicians.

SPECIAL INFORMATION : A rule has been set up for the expansion of the Indian Army, which has been registered as a social and religious organization (non-political organization). According to that, the head of the Hindu Defense Force
Objective : - Hindu protection, conservation, promotion. Protecting and restoring the monastery of the Hindu temples. Protecting Hindu points. Protecting saints and cows etc.

Executive constitutions - The executive of twenty-five officers of all the executive committees of village, block, tehsil, district, region and country will be constituted, in which respectively : In-charge-1, Chairman-1, Vice-Chairman-4, Minister-4, Minister-4, Organization-I-1, (Can be extended as needed), Convenor-1, Treasurer-1, Contact Head-1, Office Head-1 , Media Incharge-2, Legal Salahkar-2, Member-2 etc. can also be extended as per need.

Membership : The membership of the Hindu Defense Army will be prominently in five ways.
1. Founder member, 2 custodian members, 3 lifelong members, 4 active members, 5 general members (renewal of active and ordinary members each year, i.e. membership will be for one year).

A request: All Hindus have a request that to save the existence of Hindus, take time out from your family and work in Hindu Defense Force, only after the Hindu survives the country will survive. Apart from leaving the spirit of all the churches of the caste, upper-caste, untouchable, discrimination, small-scale, etc. i.e. (Hindu-Hindu brother-brother), together with each other, awakened the spirit of Hinduism and became a member of the Hindu Defense Force. Work.Becoming at least one Hindu-Hindu protector (member) from every Hindu family, become a partner in the national and divine work of Hindu Defense Force, God bless you forever.
Jai Shree Ram
your sincerly -
Swami Prabodanand Giri
National president
Hindu Defense Force
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